Moving contacts from Owncloud to Baikal

How to move contacts from Ownclod to Baikal

Recently I got rid of my personal Owncloud instance. When I installed it, I was simply searching for a tool to handle my contacts privately, coming from GMail. After more than 1 year, that was the only feature I was using in Owncloud, and there is no point in having such a complicated setup when the same result can be achieved with a much smaller service.

I then installed Baikal in a Docker container and pointed it to a MySQL database on my dedicated database machine.

Migrating the contacts has been the hardest task so far. In order:

  1. export contacts from Owncloud as a .vcf file using the provided button

  2. download and compile vcf2csv (instructions are in the readme)

  3. run the script:

    ./vcf2csv -i Contacts.vcf > contacts.csv|code
  4. install Thunderbird, Lightning, SOGO connector

  5. set up a new remote addressbook connected to the Baikal instance

  6. import the contacts' CSV in a new local addressbook in Lightning; the tool to match Lightning contacts fields with the fields in the CSV is very limited; I have found much easier to reorder the columns of my CSV to reflect the order of the fields in the importer: this will avoid you to play with the buttons to sort the fields in the importer which are not very usable

  7. once you are happy with the imported data, just select all the entries in the the local addressbook and cut / paste them over into the remote addressbook: SOGO will syncrhonize all of them to the Baikal server