TexLive and ArchLinux

How to properly configure TeXLive on ArchLinux

After some troubles with getting tlmgr to work on ArchLinux, I decided to switch to a more "archist" way to handle my TeXLive installation: texlive-localmanager-git. Few notes below.

yaourt -S texlive-localmanager-git

This will also install texlive-core package from the Arch's repositories. To install a new package from CTAN:

tllocalmgr install packagename
sudo texhash

Install a new font

We will use a dedicated script to install non-free fonts for TexLive:

wget https://tug.org/fonts/getnonfreefonts/install-getnonfreefonts
chmod +x install-getnonfreefonts

Installing a new font will be as easy as:

getnonfreefonts -l
getnonfreefonts fontname

Dealing with missing font maps

Sometimes, we may get something like this:

!pdfTeX error: /usr/texbin/pdflatex (file mt2exf): Font mt2exf at 2400 not found

In the same error message, some lines above, we may have the directory used to get the pdftex.map. In my case, this pointed to the local dir created by tllocalmanager:

mv pdftex.map pdftex_bak.map

This will force TeX to use the global map instead of the local map. To refresh the maps:

sudo mktexlsr
sudo updmap
sudo updmap-sys